Introduction video

Cryo-EM University is a new learning platform that features over 70 hours of theoretical lectures and videos. It is created in collaboration with online education expert Prof. Grant Jensen (Caltech) and serves as an introduction to the field and is intended for participants of all levels. Upon completion, you will have a fundamental knowledge of cryo-EM, get tips and tricks to overcome sample preparation challenges and valuable practical advices on the cryo-EM workflow

Credit video

We would like to thank Grant Jensen, Matthijn Vos, Caltech film crew, Wendela-Vuurberg, Innostrat and a number of Thermo Fisher Scientific colleagues to make this project happen.

Single Particle Analysis

Single Particle Analysis
The full cryo-EM SPA course will train users with alternating theory and practical demonstration videos in more depth with the possibility to self-asses the acquired knowledge with a test. The course will cover all aspects from cryogenic sample preparation, microscope design and operation, cameras, data acquisition, etc. in a logical order over different modules.